Route Safety – Family Walk

Please take care at all times but be especially observant at road crossings and later in the run when legs are tired.

Below are some key places to take extra care.

Know your limits!
While this is a beer run and intended for fun, it is essential that you take responsibility for yourself. Do do over indulge – the beer is optional – ensure that you are in a capable state for the duration of the event. Switch to soft drinks or alternate to ensure your own safety.

The family walk is intended to be a relaxed, fun gathering to include the kids. The Bell pub does not allow children inside unless to visit the loos while accompanied by an adult – please respect their policies. There is a great outdoor space for everyone to relax and enjoy a break for returning to the Derby Arms.

  1. Entering / exiting Epsom downs
    Be sure to use the pedestrian crossing lights
  2. Top of Hurst Road
    When reaching the top of trail there is an exit via a driveway to Hurst Road and a short road section before re-joining the trail towards the Bell (Rat). There are blind corners in both directions so please be very careful on this stretch.