Route Safety – 50Km

30 miles is a challenging distance so please be prepared. Plan to take a hydration backpack for water, your electrolyte drink of choice (e.g. Tailwind) and nutrition – there’s not many that can do this on beer alone!

5 – 6 Hours of running is a long time so ensure you have the required level of endurance fitness. Don’t be seduced by the 10 pub stops, there’s plenty of running and 3000+ feet of ascent.

Please take care at all times but be especially observant at road crossings and later in the run when legs are tired.

Below are some key places to take extra care.

Know your limits!
While this is a beer run and intended for fun, it is essential that you take responsibility for yourself. Do not over indulge – the beer is optional – ensure that you are in a capable state for the duration of the event. Switch to soft drinks or alternate to ensure your own safety.

  1. Entering / exiting Epsom downs
    Be sure to use the pedestrian crossing lights
  2. Crossing Hurst Road
    At the top of the gravel track while exiting on the driveway, take care when entering Hurst Road – there is a blind corner to Ebbisham Lane. Cross to the opposite side of the road for a short section before entering the gravel path at the Pony Club field.

  3. Exiting Queens Close to the Chequers
    Visibility to the right is poor when exiting Queens Close. Take care and cross over to the sidewalk for access to The Chequers.
  4. Accessing and leaving the Cock Inn
    Access to the Cock is via a short section of road after leaving the Churchyard. The road is narrow and is at the brow of a hill which comes up from the right with the Cock on your left. Cross the the opposite side and back over to the entrance. Follow the same route when exiting.

  5. Slough Lane
    After exiting the Cock Inn along the pathway next to Church lane, turn left into Slough Lane. This is usually a quiet lane but is very narrow so be aware of possible traffic.
  6. Mill Way crossing
    Visibility is good both ways here but traffic can sometimes be speedy

  7. Crossing Old London Road
    After coming down from the trail from the King Billy, cross over Old London Road with care.
  8. Old London Road trail
    A short way along Old London Road exit to the trail which runs adjacent to the road.

  9. Crossing Old London to to the Box Hill track
  10. Crossing the A25 Reigate Road to Betchworth Park Golf Club
    The road can be busy so you must use the pedestrian island a short way to the left when exiting the Garden Centre parking area.

  11. Brockham
    There is a short road section when entering Brockham and crossing over the green to the Royal Oak Pub

  12. The Dolphin, Betchworth
    Road crossing to the Dolphin then a short road section when exiting before entering the trail on the left of the road beside the Mole River.

  13. Sandy Lane, Old Road
    A short section of road uphill then down and right into Old Road then immediately right again on the trail and up steps to the fields above.

  14. Road crossing towards Skimmington Castle
  15. Entering Flanchford Road
    Cross over the road with care and follow the footpath along the edge of the common towards the crossing (see 16 below)
  16. Crossing the A25, Buckland Road
    ** Change from 2021
    Use the pedestrian island to the left and take extra care watching for traffic to the right from Reigate

  17. Crossing Wray Lane
    Just through the National Trust car park is a crossing over Wray lane
  18. Gatton Bottom crossing

  19. Babylon Lane to field
    Take care crossing over to Babylon Lane – there is a blind corner to the right. Babylon lane is narrow and the entry to the field is not terribly obvious so be on the lookout.

  20. Chipstead Lane
    A short section after leaving the Well Inn

  21. Road Crossing over White Hill
  22. Crossing Outwood Lane
  23. Crossing Waterhouse Lane

  24. A217 Roundabout
    Be sure to cross at the lights when entering and exiting the roundabout pathways
  25. Crossing Dorking Road
    After traversing the roundabout there is a crossing opposite the Grumpy Mole pub into the woods. Be especially careful of traffic exiting from the roundabout to the left.

  26. Crossing Dorking road just after Mill Road
  27. Walton crossing
    Cross and follow the road to the Rat (Bell)