Route Safety – 50KM Ride

Please take care at all times but be especially observant at road crossings or road sections and later in the run when legs are tired.

Below are some key places to take extra care.

Know your limits!
While this is a beer run and intended for fun, it is essential that you take responsibility for yourself. Do do over indulge – the beer is optional – ensure that you are in a capable state for the duration of the event. Switch to soft drinks or alternate to ensure your own safety.

  1. Access to the King Bill Pub
    At 6.3 miles there is a short staircase, dismount and walk down to the trail below
  2. Box Hill gravel track up
    At 8 miles is the direct gravel trail up Box Hill. This averages 10%, is rideable as long as you have something close to a 1:1 gear ratio (so say a 42t front and rear)
  3. Steep section up Reigate/Colley Hill
    At 18 miles there is a short very steep section of 18% would suggest walking this