Route Safety – 25km

Please take care at all times but be especially observant at road crossings and later in the run when legs are tired.

Below are some key places to take extra care.

Know your limits!
While this is a beer run and intended for fun, it is essential that you take responsibility for yourself. Do do over indulge – the beer is optional – ensure that you are in a capable state for the duration of the event. Switch to soft drinks or alternate to ensure your own safety.

  1. Top of Hurst Road
    When reaching the top of trail there is an exit via a driveway to Hurst Road and a road short section before re-joining the trail the the pony club. There are blind corners in both directions so please be very careful on this stretch.
  2. Accessing and Leaving The Cock Inn
    As you leave the Churchyard the pub is on your left but you will need to travel along Church lane for a bit to gain access to the pub. The pub is atop a blind rise from the right so please be very vigilant when on this short road section.

    Extra info
    After The Chequers look out for the exit to the footpath on the right:

  3. Crossing Dorking Road #1
    The first of 2 crossings is between the Pfizer complex and Pebblehill Road

  4. Crossing Dorking Road #2
    Another crossing of Dorking Road which can get busy